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Leaf Gutter Guard

Our leaf gutter guard covers your gutters, valleys and downpipes to prevent bushfire embers, leaves, twigs, branches and other debris from entering the gutters and roof cavities. With leaf gutter guard fitted, the chance of blockage and the need for ongoing gutter cleaning is reduced.

It’s the ultimate gutter protection.

Let's Keep Your Gutters Free of Leaves!

A lifetime solution to protect your gutters

With the range of gutter mesh colours and applications, we have a perfect fit for every roof gutter type.

Our leaf gutter mesh conforms very well to tiled and slate roofs; corrugated roofs; flat and cladded roofs (including Trimdek® & Klip-Lok®); roofs with box gutters; plus, roof valleys and channels.

An array of colour options are available, so when our gutter guard is installed on your roof, it blends into the background like it was always there. Our gutter guards will increase the value of your home!

Our Gutter Guards

No matter your roof type and conditions, we’ve got you covered with our leaf gutter guard installation options.

Leaf Gutter Guard

• Keeps gutters free of leaves and debris
• Made from UV-resistant, high-density polyethylene
• Safe for rainwater collection
• Available in wide range of colours
• Suits majority of roof and gutter types

Bushfire Gutter Guard

• Blocks wind-borne bushfire embers
• Flame-resistant, non-combustible
• Made from powder-coated aluminium or stainless steel
• Small 2mm apertures
• Suitable for all Bushfire Attack Levels

What Our Clients Say

Hear from some of our happy homeowners.

Very professional service, they arrived on time and cleaned up afterwards and the gutter guard compliments the house very well.
Terry K.
Fantastic product and service. Recommended!
Geraldine H.
Friendly, professional, punctual and did a great job!
Tony M.
I had leaf gutter guard installed and I am really pleased with the results. The leaf guard matches the guttering colour and the leaves slide right off the roof.
Robert S.

Australia's #1 Leaf Gutter Guard

Questions & Answers

Here are some frequently asked questions about our leaf gutter guard. If you have any other questions, call 1300 LEAF GUARD !

Our leaf guttter guard mesh, plus the accessories (screws, saddles, angle trims), come in a wide range of colours. So rest assured there will be a colour to match your existing roof and guttering. Please see the leaf gutter guard page for available options!

Gutter protection can be installed by an accomplished tradie or handyperson. But to be eligible for our installation guarantee, and for best results, please contact us for expert installation.

Yes, you need to clean out the gutters before installing gutter guard, to remove any trapped debris and leaf litter that might cause blockages. Thats why we offer a complimentary clean before every gutter guard installation!

If your property is surrounded by lots of trees, leaves and debris might accumulate on top of your gutter guards and in roof valleys. This can be easily swept away as necessary, yearly or half-yearly. Your guttering should be inspected annually. If there’s any sediment, this can be easily flushed away with a garden house. Please contact us for regular gutter cleaning.

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