Leaf Gutter Guard

Keep your gutters free of leaves, twigs, debris and vermin

Leaf Gutter Guard installed on an old tiled roof

The best gutter guard to keep your gutters free of leaves

Leaf Gutter Guard offers long lasting protection to ensure that your gutters remain free of leaves, pests and debris.

The mesh can be simply fitted into your gutter without needing to drill any holes, or it can be permanently screwed down, making it suitable for installation into most roof types.

A wide range of colours are available, so that the leaf guard will match your existing guttering system or roof colour.

Tough polymesh protection

The heavy-duty leaf screen mesh we use for our installations is made with High Density Poly Ethylene (HDPE). It is resistant to UV-damage so the colours will not fade, and is inert meaning the plastic will not  corrode or break down. It’s also great for rain tank water collection because it acts as a filter over your gutter.Available colours include: Slate Grey, Black, Heritage Red, Karaka, Ironbark, Caulfield Green, Mountain Blue, Rivergum, Beige, and Pale Terracotta.
Leaf Gutter Guard installation in progress

Leaf Gutter Guard Features & Benefits

Leaf Guard Installation
Suitable for wide range of Roof Types

Our leaf guard mesh comes in very long 30 metre lengths so it can be installed in unbroken lines across the entire length of your roof. No unnecessary gutter guard joins! The mesh can be installed in most roof types, including tiled, slate, corrugated, flat and cladded roofs, and roofs with box gutters. However, if you're in a council-designated bushfire risk area, you'll need to install bushfire gutter guard.

Durable Plastic Mesh

The upper side of our leaf guard mesh is constructed with UV-stabilised High Density Poly Ethylene (HDPE), whilst the under side contains carbon black strands to add strength to the mesh. This ensures our leaf gutter guard is tough and durable, whilst also being safe for rain tanks used for drinking water.

Blocks Leaves, Debris & Vermin

Leaf Guard is a simple yet effective way to keep your gutters and valleys free of leaves and debris, ensuring your gutters and downspouts remain free of blockages all year around. Leaf gutter guard will also block entry points for pesky possums, rodents and birds that like to nest in roof cavitities. Yes it's a Bird Proof Gutter Guard!

Experience Freedom with the Ultimate Leaf Gutter Guard

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